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Dynamic Edge's Weight Loss Protocol



Are you ready to achieve your weight loss goals while still maintaining your busy lifestyle? Our weight loss protocol is specifically designed for individuals like you! Our program includes the use of the Designs for Health Weight Loss Kit, as well as Whole Body Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna treatments to jump start your body's fat burning capabilities. Get excited to see the results you've been dreaming of with our innovative weight loss protocol!

Products and Services:

  • Vegemeal Plus: Weight Loss Kit - Designs for Health

    • 28 Single-serving VegeMeal™ Drink Packets (dairy-free functional food powder containing 16 g of protein per serving from non-GMO, North American grown yellow peas)

    • 28 Weight loss support packets - These packets are designed to assist the body in using fat for fuel and to help support healthy insulin, cortisol, and energy metabolism.

  • 9-12 minutes of Whole Body Cryotherapy per week

    • 3-4 minutes x 3 days per week(minimum recommendation)

  • 60 minutes of Infrared Sauna per week

    • 20 minutes x 3 days per week(minimum recommendation)



  • 120+ minutes of exercise per week. (~4 days at 30 minutes)

    • Resistance training is more efficient than cardiovascular training

    • Workout recommendations if you need



  • 28 Day protocol

  • Replace 1 meal with a Vegemeal shake, preferably dinner time meal (no later than 8pm)

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake (avoid added sugar, breads, wraps, pastas.)

  • IF you want to eat something sweet - try to eat it around lunch time (not after dinner)

    • Fresh fruit, dried fruit is better than cupcakes

  • Hydrate - drink ½ your body weight in ounces (minimum) of water daily

  • Tracking

    • Measurements and Weight

    • Mood/energy


$ 400 


  • Discounted Ultimate Membership (unlimited compression, cryo, sauna) ($299 dollar value)

  • 28 days of shakes and supplements by Designs for Health ($175 dollar value)

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