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Get to Know Us

Since 2016, Dynamic Edge has been providing cutting edge physical therapy services to Wilton and the surrounding area.  They have been the top physical therapy office in Wilton since inception, and is considered the leading authority on rehabilitation services by patients and doctors.  


The wellness division started as a result of patients asking the same questions: "How can I speed up recovery?"  "What else can I do to feel better?" "Can you stretch me out every day?" Now there is a solution!


Dynamic Edge now offers highly trained stretch and flexibility coaches with National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) certifications to provide safe and effective stretching techniques.  We offer Normatec compression therapy for both upper and lower body compression, a system being used by professional athletes to speed up their recovery. As well as the safest and most technologically advanced Whole Body Cryotherapy and Infrared Sauna treatments.  

Our Team

At Dynamic Edge Wellness & Cryotherapy, our team is driven by a shared goal and purpose: to become the leading authority in the wellness industry, catering to both injured and non-injured individuals. Dr. Buckley has handpicked each member of our team to ensure our patients receive the highest level of personalized care while prioritizing safety above all else. Regardless of your needs, you can trust our team to provide exceptional care and support on your journey to wellness.

Wellness Director


Christy Byxbee

NASM Cert: Personal Trainer and Stretch Coach
ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist
Precision Nutrition Level 1


Meet Christy, the powerhouse of passion and positivity in the world of wellness! Since 2014, I've been on a thrilling journey, transforming my love for work into a certified personal trainer (thanks, NASM!), a bodybuilding guru (courtesy of ISSA), and a nutrition whiz (cheers to precision nutrition).


I have competed in three bodybuilding shows, showcasing not just my muscles but my sheer enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to the art of exercise and nutrition. 


In recent years, I've dived headfirst into the captivating world of biohacking. Why settle for ordinary when you can unlock the secrets to optimal health and well-being? Biohacking is not just a trend for me; it's a mind-bending, body-boosting obsession!


In my free time I enjoy time with my amazing kids and boyfriend, working out, fishing and traveling! 

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